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1948 W Chicago Ave
Chicago, IL 60622


Boutique by day, event and gallery space by night, Ad Hoc offers a selection of hand-picked clothing, home goods, and accessories, as well as a gallery and event space for local artists.

Spring|Summer 2018 Trends to Watch

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Spring|Summer 2018 Trends to Watch

Kat Heil


Be sure to pick up some prints and neon accessories, you'll want to glow in the low-lights with these lush patterns and vibrant accessories. Everything goes good with denim and leather, so ease yourself in with some bright lipsticks and printed pants or tees.



Keep it fresh! Patterns and colors are everything right now, so all us witchy women; time to break out of our comfort zones. Look for amazing textiles, textured accessories and graphic pieces. I am personally living for all the colors and this is an opportunity to really dig deep for some beautiful hand-crafted pieces. Be bold!



Let's embrace all of the romance of the period and leave behind the gross corsets and stuffy rules. More patterns! These are softer and muted so look for all of the fun details to really bring out the style. High-collars, wide sleeves and buttons are some of the great moments to seek while trying this. Florals forever, and what better time than summer and spring to break them out? Pair some floaty sleeves with a skinny jean and a chunky, low boot for demure sophistication.