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1948 W Chicago Ave
Chicago, IL 60622


Boutique by day, event and gallery space by night, Ad Hoc offers a selection of hand-picked clothing, home goods, and accessories, as well as a gallery and event space for local artists.

Takasago Hana Incense - Nippon Kodo

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Takasago Hana Incense - Nippon Kodo


Takasago Hana Incense - Nippon Kodo


TAKASAGO HANA - "Celebration"
The calming fragrance of Sandalwood. A charming fragrance perfect for a dazzling celebration all wrapped up in a bundle.  Is offers a smooth, comforting and warm sandalwood aroma, this is a great incense and is commonly used for daily use. This incense is primarily based on a very high percentage premium sandalwood as to make that the predominate fragrance along with a touch of very carefully selected spices to enhance the aroma.

Approx. 50-55 51/2" sticks 30 minute burn time

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